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Educational Psychology Reach-Out webinar

Square Peg is currently working with a great team of Educational Psychologists around the country. The Southend team have been running a series of Reach-Out webinars since lockdown last March, and kindly invited us to take part.

What was supposed to be a 20 minute webinar turned into 35 minutes (apologies in advance!) but it did seem to strike a chord with the audience (primarily EPs) and also with parents when subsequently shared on various Facebook Groups. Our aim, as always, was to raise awareness of the barriers to school attendance, expose the consequences for children and families and give professionals the tools and strategies that we hope will make a difference.

We're delighted to say that the talk has been shared widely on Twitter and Facebook and is now Reach-Out's #2 webinar in terms of views (1,255 on Youtube as I write this). You can watch it here.

We've also been invited to deliver some training to PGCE Primary students at a leading University in March and are keen to build a small selection of training modules for different audiences as we move forward. Improving understanding of this issue and offering helpful strategies and interventions is central to our work, so we are very encouraged by these opportunities.

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