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Success, despite the system?

There are numerous examples of successful business leaders and famous people who struggled in school.

For some, their struggles simply pushed them to work harder. Others saw no relevance in the education system and left to become successful entrepreneurs. If you were a 'square peg' that didn't fit the system, but achieved success despite this, we'd love to tell your story. Correction, we NEED to tell your story. Young people that are currently struggling, and parents that are being penalised rather than supported, need to hear from people like you. They need to know that 'bums on seats' in school is not right for everyone


Lived experience

We also want to tell the stories of people's lived experience, when their child struggles with school. And we need your help.

These are powerful and often shocking stories and they need to be told. Get in touch if you're keen to share your experience with others. We are also compiling a 'comments book' where you can have your voice heard anonymously.  And if you want to join us in challenging the system, we are looking for volunteers to help us in a number of areas. 

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