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All donations, however small, will help us continue our work. After a year of working on a voluntary/self-funded basis it is no longer possible to continue without funding. If you are a tax payer and donate via LocalGiving we will be able to benefit from giftaid. By also signing up to our news page you will automatically be kept updated on how your donations are being spent.You can also sign our petitions.

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Partner with us

There are many ways you can support us – by offering your expertise, backing our initiatives, or donating in kind. As an example of this, nine organisations and national charities have all signed our support letter:

  • National Education Union

  • National Children's Bureau

  • BEAT Eating Disorders

  • Papyrus suicide prevention

  • Ditch The Label

  • National Autistic Society

  • The British Psychological Society

  • Young Minds

  • Ditch The Label


CSR & philanthropy

Philanthropy and corporate donations form a key pillar of our fundraising strategy. Without some larger donations we will not be able to continue with this work.

Corporate donations can be put through as a marketing expense and individual philanthropic donations may be eligible for tax relief.  Please contact us if you are happy to discuss this, or if your company or organisation may be able to support us in kind. Thank you.

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