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Conversations & knowledge transfers

With the Cabinet Office setting attendance and persistent absence as a government priority, invitations for us to share what we do, what we know, what works and how to help our families have been flooding in.

So here's a little summary to wet your whistle:

Progressive Education hosted the Limitless Podcast and Square Peg was honoured to be the inaugural guest.

National Department for Training & Inclusion / Preparation for Adulthood conference ‘Preventing Young People with SEND becoming NEET’: “Attendance at All Costs” (speaker)

Barnet Virtual School: ‘Attendance Difficulties, The What, Why & How’ presentation (speaker)

National Education Union: South Region meeting, panel discussion invitation – SEND & barriers to attendance (panellist)

Association of Education Welfare Managers: Annual conference presenting alongside the Department for Education, the Office for the Children's Commissioner, the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

Association of School & College Leaders panel discussion: Understanding the impact of anxiety on young people during the exam period

Coming up, we're presenting to the Independent Schools London group, Warwick University and Ormiston Academies Trust. No rest for the wicked!

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