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Award-winning animation!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Anna Cottrill, a student at Met Film School in London, has won the Best Animation Documentary at the ‘Story? International Student Documentary Festival’ run by MTU (Munster Technological University) in Ireland. There were 110 entries from 27 countries and the judges called Anna's animation an "engaging and beautifully realised film". Neurodivergent herself, Anna describes how in art lessons at school she was put down so much that she left school thinking that because she was dyspraxic she couldn't do the sort of work she loved. On accepting her award she pointed out that "the completion of this film alone is a testament that, with the right kind of support, any child with any kind of special educational needs can achieve whatever they want."

Anna’s lecturer is Fran Robertson of Two Step Films who was commissioned to create our Ch4 film and news piece in June 2019. When she knew what Anna was keen to do, she put Anna in touch with us. We found three children for Anna’s animation, and she then worked with each of them, creating their very own avatar and representing their individual voices and experiences in this wonderful stop-motion film.

The animation will be entered into other festivals next year and we know that there are more awards to come. Please share far and wide – it’s so important that the voices of children and young people are heard, and heard in such an impactful and creative way too. Well done to Anna, the young people who took part (shout out to Annie, Dan Lydie and Martha), and all those who helped to put this together. Watch Anna's animation here:

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