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A Christmas update

As we approach the end of a very strange and difficult year, it’s time for Square Peg to move onwards and upwards, as I step down and Ellie picks up the baton.

I’ll continue to work on our Square Pegs book which is due out next Spring.

I’ve been in this ‘world’ for 14 years, running a parent support group, then as Co-Chair of a Parent Carer Forum and more recently founding Square Peg, first as a social enterprise and then as a CIC, when Ellie came on board as a Director. My own daughter first struggled at school when she was 8, then missed all but the first term of secondary school (taught by a tutor at home, under a Statement of Educational Need as it was then, supervised by a different secondary school). To give hope to all, she went on to complete a degree in Criminology and is now happy and gainfully employed!

Thank you to those who are currently signed up to receive our news updates – please do send this page to anyone you know who might be interested and encourage them to sign up too. We're also on Twitter, with almost 4,000 followers, so join us there, and tag anyone you think would also be interested.

We’re desperately in need of funding; we’re not eligible for many grants since we don’t provide direct support to children or families and so far haven’t found a fairy godmother/godfather whose been touched by this issue and wants to support us (but please feel free to make an introduction!). We have a LocalGiving page, but would prefer to be funded via grants or social philanthropy.

So it’s just left for me to thank you for your continuing support, and to send virtual hugs to any parents going through this issue with their child/children. I know only too well how hard it is in so many ways, and for the whole family too. Don’t forget to join the Not Fine In School closed Facebook Group for parents if you’re not already – with over 20,000 members it’s an invaluable source of peer support, and the website contains a mountain of useful resources. There’s also a closed Facebook group for professionals.

Let’s hope the pandemic eventually shows everyone that there is another way and highlights the increasing number of square pegs in our current education system. Change is desperately needed!

Take care of yourselves and have a restful, Covid-free Christmas break. Thanks again for your support, Fran.

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