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There is no national guidance for school attendance difficulties, resulting in a wide variance in response from school to school. A combination of academic research and best practice models are needed that are flexible enough to cater for the wide range of underlying causes and unmet needs, and realistic for schools in the current funding crisis. Short term guidance is needed that recognises the existing delays in securing assessments and therapies, and the increasing thresholds in the various support systems for mental health and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities. If some of the over-arching legislative and systemic challenges can be resolved, then there is an opportunity to develop more effective strategies in the longer term.





Square Peg is delighted to be working with a number of maintained secondary schools in Brighton & Hove to explore school attendance difficulties in more detail. This work will support schools in reviewing current attendance strategies, identifying different groups of low attenders and trialling initiatives which could potentially result in reduced anxiety and increased engagement. We also hope to work with local 'feeder' primary schools in the same way, and explore transition as a specific trigger point.