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Real-time 'map' campaign

Square Peg has today launched a campaign to try and evidence the scale of the problem regarding barriers to school attendance. We're asking parents to input their postcode and choose from a dropdown menu of 6 options to best describe their child's attendance difficulties (they can do this for up to 3 children). This will automatically populate a Google map which will build a clearer picture of the situation, live on our website.

Although we know that there are over 771,000 persistent absentees, we don't know any more about why those children are absent, and there's a dangerous assumption that most of them are 'truanting'. One psychiatrist I spoke to recently thought that as many as 80% of these absences could be anxiety-related – we just don't know. The idea behind the campaign is to evidence the scale of the problem, and the length of time that some of those children have been out of school. It also allows parents to record a de-registration (there are currently no official statistics) or to say if their child has had problems in the past. Please feel free to share the link!

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13 jun

INteresting to Sea your a single mum too who's working with john who's taken all my work and data to build he's business and robbed me of 7.5 thousand pounds and yes he's going to blame my head injury but i am very sane and would be open to chat to discuss my experience so that you can sea john is only interested in money and when he took my funding from SIB he's now blocked me on everything but i'm not going to disappear John has just blocked me from he's linkedn meaning you probably will but if you want to call me 07932 443 972 i can give you a sane and honest experience of my time with…

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13 jun
Contestando a

my organisation is called MAP and me and john discussed real time information being a key in MAPs delivery hmmmmm

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